Text Message Marketing 101: What Is SMS Marketing?

What is SMS marketing? Learn the answer and the basics of using mass texting for your business in this introductory guide to text message marketing.

Not long after the invention of the cell phone, talking with words instead of with your voice became a big deal. The idea of the text message was not only created but rapidly became popular, spreading through the globe and eventually becoming the primary way that most cell phone users communicate today.

Texting is clearly a big deal in the public community, but did you know it could also help to benefit your business? SMS marketing has been a thing for several years, and thanks to the rapid growth of cell phone buyers and users, this form of marketing doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

So what is SMS marketing? Why is it so popular, and how can it help you grow and expand your business? This article goes in-depth with SMS marketing, and how your business can use it to succeed in your industry against the competition. Keep reading to find out more!

What is SMS Marketing?

Simply put, SMS marketing is when a business markets its goods or services to expose itself and its branding to potential clients. It allows a business to put out their company information, such as upcoming events, new arrivals, discount codes, and other happenings, and allows people to stay in the loop in real-time without having to do anything other than look at their phone screens (in other words, what they’re already doing).

Text message marketing can be set up in minutes and can be used to quickly and efficiently attract people to your wares.

How Does it Work?

SMS marketing is surprisingly simple to use. First, your business gets set up with a phone number to send messages through. Every business that uses SMS texting needs to have a separate number to send messages from that doesn’t interfere with the actual company number used for direct contact with customers.

Afterward, you add your acquired followers and potential clients by inviting them to sign up for your messaging services. This can be done by adding a sign-up section on your site or by adding the invite link to the SMS services via a personalized email, or both. After your followers and potential customers sign up, they’ll receive messages from you the instant you create them, making sure they’re always in the know.

Text for Success

Now that you know what is SMS marketing, you can use it to boost your number of potential clients and help build up your business. The next step is figuring out where to go to get the SMS business services you need to target your audience and win against the competition. Luckily for you, you won’t need to look any further.

At Txtfyre, we specialize in giving businesses the SMS tools they need to succeed. We offer you a local phone number dedicated to your texting needs, as well as the option to send hundreds or even thousands of texts per month, depending on the type of plan you subscribe to.

Ready to start your SMS journey? Give us a call or send us a message, and we can get you started. We look forward to helping your business grow and succeed!

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