Farm Marketing: 4 Amazing Ways to use Mass Texting to Market Your Farm

If you're looking for a few amazing ways to use mass texting to market your farm, we've got you covered. From identifying your market to seasonal promotions, learn more here!

It was your dream to own a farm and make a living with it. After years of hard work, you have your farm at last!

Now it’s time to begin marketing your farm so you make the most profits possible. Keep reading to learn our top 4 tips and tricks for using mass texting for farm marketing!

1.) Identify Your Market

The most important thing to consider when planning a marketing strategy is to decide who your market is. No product appeals to every human in equal measure, so it’s important to know who focus your effort on.

You can use mass texting groups to divide up your clients according to a given demographic – location, product favorites, seasonal customers, etc. With mass texting groups, it’s easy to market to each client according to their interests! Specific demographic marketing campaigns can be a great way to reduce effort and increase income!

2.) Bring Your Farm Marketing Into the 21st-Century

Today’s marketing world relies heavily on social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Take the time to set up a business account on the platform(s) that most appeal to your clientele. Updating, posting and responding regularly are easy and guaranteed ways to boost your online presence.

You can also use mass texting to promote your online platforms. Through a SMS campaign you can advertise the best ways to find your farm online. Providing a link to your social media platforms will quickly generate viewership.

3.) Take Advantage of Seasonal Promotions

Use the best products of the season to devise a marketing plan! With a mass texting service you can quickly and effectively promote your seasonal products. You can even create sub groups within your client database to create seasonal lists! Your clients can tell you what products they are interested in, and so you can make sure they receive promotions tailored to their interests. This will keep your clients happy and engaged with what you offer. They will not be overwhelmed with texts that do not appeal and there is a greater chance they will take advantage of your promotions! Creating mass texting groups is sure to increase customer delight and your bottom line!

4.) Analyze the Numbers

Once you deploy your well thought out mass texting marketing strategy, you can’t sit back and rest on your laurels! Take some time to look at the numbers after about 6 to 12 months to decide if your marketing plan is working or if you need to make adjustments.

Even if you think the marketing is working, it’s always good to check every so often to double-check. The numbers won’t lie!

Time to Market Your Farm!

Managing your own farm while also managing your marketing may feel overwhelming.  But with a little bit of planning, a great mass texting plan and the help of your faithful clients, your marketing efforts will begin to produce (pun intended)!

Select your plan and get started today!

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