SMS Promotions: What You Need to Know to Launch a Successful Campaign

If you've decided to add mass text communication to your marketing mix, you need to know the basics of SMS promotions. Learn all about it here.
sms promotions

The average person taps, swipes, and clicks on their phone more than 2,600 times each day.

No, we’re not kidding.

This may not be great news for their fingers and thumbs decades down the road. But it’s superb news for today’s savvy business owner.

That’s because if you’re looking for a way to reach a greater number of customers, the smartphone can become your greatest asset. By not adopting mass text communication in particular, you’re missing out on an opportunity to boost your bottom line.

Of course, if you’re considering adding mass text communication to your marketing mix, you need to know the basics of SMS promotions. Here’s everything you need to know about SMS business marketing.

Let’s jump in! 

How to Make Mass Text Communication Work for You

Before you send SMS marketing campaigns, remember to make your texts unique.

For instance, you could send different personalized messages to customers based on their interests, ages, and locations.

Note that the best text messaging marketing campaign also takes into consideration when to send out texts. For example, consider sending texts around 11:15 a.m. if you want to draw people to your restaurant for your lunch special.

Additional SMS Marketing Tips

When you send out your marketing text messages, don’t come across as over the top. In other words, avoid using all caps or too many exclamation points.

The reality is, customers can recognize good deals without all of the fanfare in text messages. If you are confident that you’re offering something enticing, you don’t need flowery language or gimmicks to promote it effectively.

Finally, make sure that each campaign features a couple of messages, each with its own call to action, or CTAs.

Your first CTA should ask customers to sign up to receive your messages. In this message, be sure to tell customers what they will receive by subscribing to your company’s SMS list.

Meanwhile, the second CTA should encourage your customer to take advantage of the offering you are promoting. Specifically, tell them the next step they need to take.

That next step may be to purchase an item from your store. Or, if you put on events, your CTA should tell customers to reserve their spots for your upcoming event. 

How We Can Help with SMS Promotions

We offer top-of-the-line mass text communication services through our automatic texting app. These services are available in a wide range of plans, from a mini plan (200 texts each month) to a pro plan (3500 texts each month), and more.

We provide this service because we realize that most people in today’s society prefer texting over other methods of communication. With SMS advertising, you can instantly share important information with your customers and thus improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Sign-up today and give your business a competitive advantage in today’s competitive business world.

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