Grow Your Ministry: 4 Things You Need to Know About Church Texting Services

One of the best ways to connect with the members of your church is through text messaging. Keep on reading to know more about church texting services.
church texting services

The church is a community, plain and simple. However, a week between services is a long time to go without hearing from your community. This can leave a bit of a disconnect between church and churchgoers, who might feel a bit lost come church-day, especially if there’s a change-up from the norm.

A mass text communication app can help bridge that disconnect. Here are four ways church texting services can help you stay in touch with your congregation.

1. Let Democracy Handle It

With church texting services you can leave more pressing decisions up to your congregation.

Sudden big changes at church can cause a lot of strife within the congregation. With a mass text communication service like Txtfyre, you can easily mass-text a link to an exterior poll that your congregation can access and fill out. This gives them more control over what’s happening at the church, and therefore, what changes they can expect next Sunday.

2. Provide a Teaser or Reminder

The night before church you can mass-text your congregation a small teaser of what’s to come, what they can expect from the service, and what they need to prepare.

You can remind your congregation of pressing issues or families that you’ll be praying for, and keep them in-the-know regarding the structure of the sermon. You can even separate your congregation into lists, allowing you to remind only who you choose. This is helpful if you want to, say, surprise one struggling family in the congregation with prayers, donations, or otherwise without spoiling it.

At its simplest, you can use this feature to remind your congregation that church is coming tomorrow. This can increase your attendance and leads to more regular attendees over time.

3. Send Encouragements

Many church leaders choose to send daily prayers and verses to their congregation to brighten their day and keep them involved.

You can go with a particular verse that applies to the world around you, a quote from a religious or motivational figure, or something from the last sermon. Whatever you choose, your congregation will be happy to get that daily burst of encouragement to their phone.

4. Promote Events & Holiday Services

Holidays are the busiest times for churches, as well as for church congregations. Beyond holidays, though, it’s likely your church also hosts special events from time-to-time.

With a texting service for churches, you can keep everyone in your congregation in-the-know about upcoming events and holiday services. Let them know when they’re happening, how to prepare, and what’s to be expected. You can even send out a sign-up form to gauge attendance numbers and determine your best way forward.

Don’t forget to add an opt-out option for the more casual church-goers in your congregation. 

Make Communication Easier With Church Texting Services

Church texting services offer church leaders a whole new way to stay connected to their congregation. With mass text communication, you can keep your congregation up-to-date, informed, and prepared for every service to come. Everybody wins with mass texting for churches.

If you’re ready to sign up for church texting services, start here.

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