Bad Text Messages: 4 Don’ts of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is effective, but some organizations are guilty of sending bad text messages to their subscribers. Keep on reading to know the don'ts of a SMS marketing campaign.

Mass text communication is very effective. 95% of all texts get a response within 3 minutes!

Businesses use short message service or SMS marketing campaigns because consumers prefer this type of communication. They also prefer businesses that use SMS messaging over phone calls or other marketing campaigns. 

SMS marketing works, but what happens when an organization is guilty of sending bad text messages to their subscribers? Keep on reading to learn what you shouldn’t do when using this type of marketing. 

SMS Marketing Examples You Should Avoid 

With all the statistics showing how great the market is for communicating through text messaging, be sure to use it the right way. An SMS follow up campaign is inexpensive, fast, and efficient. Don’t ruin by sending bad text messages. What are some examples of texts gone wrong? Let’s take a look. 

1. Don’t Ramble On

Do not send long-winded text messages. The reason we all prefer this type of communication is because it’s brief and to the point. 

Make sure your message is clear and unambiguous. You only have 160 characters to get your message out. You may shorten words like thanks to thx to keep it brief.

Do not send a few messages in a row because you have a lot to say!

2. Don’t Text at an Inappropriate Time

Text messages go out in real-time and most recipients look at their messages close to the time they are received. Be mindful of that. Send messages when you want your subscribers to read them. 

If you own a brewery, sending out a text later in the day or evening is appropriate to offer drink specials. If you sell yard supplies, a morning text makes more sense to remind customers of a sale. 

Never have texts go out in the middle of the night! 

3. Don’t Forget to Include an Opt-Out Option

Give people a chance to opt-out of text messaging. Make it very noticeable by putting it in all caps at the end of the message. 

Don’t play games and try to hide it. 

4. Don’t Fail to Identify Yourself

Just as in real life, it is polite and proper to introduce yourself. Your messages will only be relevant and engaging if your subscribers know who is texting them. 

If they don’t know, they will consider it SPAM and ignore or delete it. 

Why Send Bad Text Messages?

When you have a tool that works, don’t mess it up by sending bad text messages. Follow the tips for SMS marketing best practices and use this type of marketing to your advantage. 

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