Expert Tips and Tricks for a Successful SMS Campaign

Make the most out of your mass texting communication with these expert tips and tricks on how to conduct a successful SMS campaign.

What does it take to create and maintain a highly successful SMS campaign? It takes the essential tips and tricks laid out in this guide.

Below, we explain clearly and concisely the steps you need to follow for SMS marketing success. You’ll learn proper sending protocol, ideal sending frequency, and what to include in your messages.

Read on and, in just 5 minutes, you’ll learn all you need to know to get your SMS campaign started.

Follow the Rules

Before we talk strategy, let’s make sure you’re following proper protocol when sending marketing texts. You must only send marketing texts to those who have signed up/given you permission to send to them. Also, always make it clear that the recipient can opt-out.

These are the two most important rules for all SMS marketing campaigns. Break them and you’ll end up facing hefty legal fines and a severely damaged brand reputation.

Fortunately, both of these rules are easier to follow than they are to break.

Get Permission

First, include an opt-in QR code everywhere you have physically printed ads. Or invite the audience to send a keyword to your SMS number (in all your ads, printed or digital). You can make this invitation the method by which your audience responds to all of your ads.

And don’t forget to include the opt-in whenever you take signups for your marketing mail/email list. 75% of your customers actually prefer your special offers to come to them via text.

Reply STOP to Cancel

To make opt-outs clear, simply end every marketing text you send with the phrase, “Reply STOP to cancel.” Then, make sure the recipients that do cancel are instantly and automatically removed from your list. Like we said—easy.

Msg & Data Rates Apply

Same as above, always include “msg & data rates apply” when taking SMS signups.

Send the Right Amount

Obviously, that title is easier said than done. How many marketing texts are “enough?”

Really, the answer is different for every company. But what is certain is that you don’t want to send too many. If you do, your recipients will very quickly get annoyed and opt-out. 

In short, cautiously test your SMS messaging frequency on your audience. Start with one per week. Then, gradually increase the frequency to see what you can get away with.

Recipient Preferences

Also, the frequency doesn’t have to be the same for everyone. You can set the frequency higher for certain demographics—those who most often click-through, for instance.

Or, let recipients set their own preferences. First, let them know your default sending frequency when they sign up.

Then, in that same initial message, include the phrase, “Send HELP for help.” When they request help, allow them to set their preferences. This will reduce the chance of opt-outs.


Also, test the timing of your SMS marketing messages. Certain days-of-week/times-of-day will be more successful for your particular business’s SMS campaign. And it’s usually best to make your CTA a deal that’s only good on the day you send it.

What to Send

Lastly, the number one thing you should be sending is value. After all, these recipients are actually giving a salesperson permission to interrupt their day with pocket vibrations. The message they get better be worth their while because everything else about that arrangement is just plain bad.

Your recipients need a really good reason to allow you to do this to them each week. Make sure you have the best, exclusive deals in your messages every time. Also, sum this deal up in one short sentence with a link.

Follow These SMS Campaign Tips

Ultimately, SMS advertising is mostly about following protocol, providing value, and testing what works best. It’s really quite simple.

But, to help you remember, keep this guide bookmarked or print it out. And follow these tips for a successful SMS campaign.

Furthermore, this isn’t the only way we can help. Click here to learn how SMS support helps you and your customers.

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