Email vs SMS Marketing: A Head to Head Comparison

Create a marketing campaign that reaches your audience effectively. Discover the pros and cons of email vs SMS marketing in this head to head comparison.

Did you know that there are already more than 4.5 billion internet users all around the world? These people send at least 3 million emails every second. Most of these emails are spam, but it makes you wonder how much information is exchanged online every day.

If you have an online business, this is a good moment to consider your email vs SMS marketing strategy. Ideally, you want to send a mixture of emails and SMS messages to your clients to promote products and services. Keep reading to learn how SMS and email marketing compare and what are the advantages of both.

Emails Can Be Longer

This is a distinct advantage of email marketing. You can create a large email and include more information and details. You can also add pictures and colors to improve the appearance of your email. As a result, more people will eventually be attracted by your text and want to follow through by pressing the call-to-action button. SMS messages are confined to about 160 characters, so you have to be very brief.

Emails Can Include Attachments

Although most people are reluctant to open up attachments in emails, it’s great to have this feature. You can send different types of docs, e-books, pictures, and audio files to clients using emails. You don’t have this luxury with SMS texts. Your attachments can also be pretty sizable of around 25MB for Gmail, so you can include a few high-resolution photos and many .pdf files.

You Don’t Need Internet Connection to Send SMS Messages

Sending SMS texts also comes with benefits. You can send them without requiring an internet connection. The text receiver can also open the SMS message without being connected to the internet. This drastically increases the text message open rate and it means that your ad is getting more exposure.

SMS Messages Are Ideal for Urgent Announcements and Reminders

Another great advantage of a text message is the simple fact that it’s ideal for emergencies. You need to let someone know something quickly, you just send an SMS. These messages can also be used to remind your potential customers that an item is on sale for a limited amount of time such as 24 hours. Since SMS messages are usually open very quickly, chances are that you might make more sales. However, don’t abuse this communication option because people’s patience is usually very limited.

Using Both SMS and Email for Your Marketing Goals

As you can see, sending emails has some distinct advantages as does sending a text message. Make sure that you incorporate them both in your marketing strategy to achieve your goals. Use emails for more elaborate ad campaigns and SMS messages for quick reminders of items on sale.

Now You Know More About Email vs SMS Marketing!

Smart marketers use both email vs SMS marketing to convey the right messages to their clients. You should do that as well. Best of all, both these communication channels can be automated using special apps, so you don’t have to send emails and SMS messages manually.

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