Texting vs Email: Why Mass Text Is Better Than Mass Email Marketing

Mass texting and email are popular marketing methods. If you're unsure if texting vs email is more effective, mass texting should be your solution. Here's why.

Companies are using mass texts and emails to reach Millennials and Generation Z in their marketing campaigns. Both are effective, but which is better?

In the battle of texting vs email, texting is crushing the competition. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider blasting texts to your audience instead of emails.

Phones Are More Accessible Than Computers

Over 95% of Americans have a phone, and people are constantly staring at them. There are very few things you can’t do on a phone that you can only do on a computer.

Email is not one of them. 

Most people aren’t checking email on their computer unless it’s for work. Emails are usually being received on phones anyway.

The ease of carrying a phone will always beat lugging a computer around.

Texting Vs Email Rates

Text messages have open and response rates that completely blow away emails.

The average open rate for text messages is 99% compared to emails at 33%. One of the big reasons for this is because people have spam filters to stop seeing advertisements.

Research also shows that text messages have a 45% response rate compared to a 6% email response rate. 

If you have a marketing campaign, people will open your messages three times more likely if it’s a text. The response rate is over seven times more likely than an email.

Instantaneous Communication

Along with higher response rates, text messages offer instantaneous communication with the end-user. 

It could be hours or days before someone sees your email and opens it. People will quickly run to their phones if they hear a notification sound.

Along with the ability to send out quick communication, you will also receive quicker replies. People tend to reply to emails much later than text messages if they reply at all.

Less Is More

Emails can be filled with fluff and unnecessary information. They can also have too much information that a reader might get bored reading.

Texts are short, to the point, and don’t require a lot of time to read. This is the current trend of new generations.

Craft your marketing text to be short but clever. Making emails direct and personal may also help your full media blast.

Send Texts From a Computer

When you send out your text blast, do some from your computer instead of your phone. 

An excellent web host service can integrate a metrics program for you to analyze. You should be able to see response rates and demographics. 

The integrated program you use to send out texts will be able to save numbers sparing you the time and energy entering in phone contacts each time.

Text Away

When discussing texting vs email, the advantages of texting crush email. So text away and see the results of your change.

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