Text Talk: 5 Text Messaging Tips for Nonprofits

When it comes to text messaging tips for nonprofits, we've got you covered. From building your list to managing donations, learn more here!
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Running a non-profit is a labor of love that requires constant change and evolution. When you put your ducks in a row you’ll stay productive and successful. 

Text messaging service is one way that non-profits of all types are adapting. Using text message technology helps you set your metrics and make sure you’re meeting your goals. 

How can nonprofits use text messaging effectively? Read on to find out. 

1. Build Your Text Message List 

Start by building your text message list. This gives you the chance to send blasts out to people who want to hear more from you. 

With texts, you get a more than 200% better response rate than you’ll get when using platforms like Facebook and e-mail. 

When you have a text message list that is deep and extensive you can begin segmenting it however you please. This way you can optimize your marketing processes and communicate with supporters on a regular basis. 

2. Take in Data From Surveys and Other Conversations

Text message also allows you to take in and use data however you see fit. Send out surveys to people on your list so that you can find ways to improve what you do. 

This data helps you update your processes and optimize your non-profit. 

3. Send Out Timely Alerts

Today we live in a world that is constantly on the go. If you aren’t reaching people on their cell phones, your message is likely to get lost in the mix. 

You can send people timely alerts about whatever you have going on. This is useful for emergency purposes or to get quick responses. 

4. Use Texts to Raise Awareness and Educate

As a non-profit organization, it’s your job to educate people and raise awareness. People are more likely to support your cause when they understand why it’s so important. 

Educating people takes constant communication, which text messaging allows you to do better than any other form of media. You can send people relevant messages throughout the week and on days that matter the most. 

For instance, a non-profit centered around heart health can send timely messages on holidays to remind people to eat healthier while enjoying time with their families. 

5. Manage Your Donations 

Using text messages to receive donations optimizes the process and makes it easy for all parties. 

Even churches today are collecting tithes and offerings via text messaging. With the swipe of a phone, donors can send you whatever amounts they please. 

Having access to a text-based platform also helps you keep track of these donations. You’ll get more effectiveness out of your campaigns when you embrace the changes in technology. 

Use Text Messaging to Improve the Performance of Nonprofits

As you can see, text messaging and nonprofits go hand in hand. When you optimize the way that you use text platforms you can achieve all sorts of goals. 

We have the automatic text messaging app that you need to take your non-profit to the next level. We’d love to show you how we can help. 

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