Church Communications: Using a Text Messaging Service for Communication With Your Congregation

If any organization stands to benefit from group texting, it's a church. Read this article for advice on achieving the best church communications.

Churches have so many ways to communicate with their congregation. Church communications can happen through email, social media, snail-mail, and texting. Every congregation is different, but text message communication has many benefits over the others.

We’ll examine how you can make sure your congregation is informed of special events and other important messages. Text messaging has been around for a while and it’s still as viable today as it was a decade ago.

Your congregations will appreciate the text messages and look forward to getting the latest information fast. Text messaging is the perfect way for your church to communicate with your congregation.

Church Communications Through Texting Is Inexpensive

The days of buying reams of paper and handing out flyers are over. Many churches have a small budget and every dollar counts. Why spend money on flyers and mailings when you can reach everyone through text message.

Everyone has a cell phone these days and getting a text is a common occurrence. It costs money to send mailings and creating an email newsletter takes time and money as well. Switch to texting for your communication needs to save money!

Send Texts From Anywhere, Any Time

The problem with many forms of large scale communication is you need a specific place or time to do it. Letters require access to pen and paper. Emails can be done via cell phone, but is difficult to manage when you’re doing large communications

Everyone carries their cell phone, so sending a group text is a piece of cake. If you learn that a service or event is cancelled and you’re out of town, no problem. You can send out a text from your phone and everyone receives it.

Schedule Your Text Messages

Scheduling your texts lets you send out mass communication to you entire subscriber base remind them of upcoming events or special holidays or services. 

Auto messaging lets you put in the information at one time and send out the text at the appropriate time. You don’t need to remember. You need to put in the information and the messaging takes care of itself.

Pastors and church volunteers don’t have the time to keep track of mailers and phone calls, so auto-messages save them time.

Auto Replies Makes Response Easy

When someone subscribes to your group texts, they get an automatic reply that confirms they’re on board. You could fashion a reply yourself each time someone subscribes, but do you have the time?

Auto replies are perfect for you because you don’t need to think something up on the fly. It’s also a confirmation to the subscriber that they did everything correctly.

Also, subscribing and unsubscribing is a snap.

Text Messaging is the Right Choice

Of all the methods of church communications, text messaging is the least expensive and reaches the most people quickly. Keep your congregation up to date on church happenings and they’ll be happier for it.

If you want to learn more about how texting can help your church, then please explore our site.

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