Business Smarts: Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Mass Texting Service

Struggling to communicate with your audience? Here is exactly why your nonprofit needs a mass texting service immediately.

Communication is the lifeblood of a non-profit organization. No matter the size or goal, a non-profit organization works with many volunteers. These volunteers have different schedules and abilities. 

To keep up with all this needed organization, a non-profit should consider every possible tool available to them. A mass texting service can be one of the most cost-effective and easy tools in your arsenal.

Uncertain of whether a mass texting service is right for your non-profit? Let’s break down the details and see the big benefits you have to gain. 

The Big Benefits of a Mass Texting Service

A mass texting service works off an internal system of keywords to structure your communication both within your organization and outwards. These keywords allow you to filter who is texting who and when.

These types of services can save hours of frustration and keep both your volunteers and your consumers up-to-date and happy. 

1. Centralized Communication 

During the chaos of a fundraiser or when organizing a meeting, getting a hold of everyone can be a problematic task. Mass texting services allow you to group together your volunteers so you can send a single text to everyone you need to. 

For example, when you are organizing an event, you can put all the volunteers working the event in one mass text. This lets you give them live updates on the event and where they need to be.

As well, customers for that event can sign up for their own updates, allowing you to provide information to either party with a quick message. 

2. Connecting with Your Customers

These days, texting has become a commonplace part of how we communicate. With smartphones in everyone’s pockets, it is fast and easy to get a text and many people respond well to getting a text over an e-mail or phone call. 

If you want to connect with your customers and embrace the community your non-profit serves, texting is a strong way to go. Many might ignore an e-mail or even find a phone call annoying, but a text is often quick and painless.

3. Easier to Manage Structure

Without an organized mass texting service, it is easy to confuse who needs to text who and when. That centralized communication also makes for an easier time for management. Now you can put a single person in charge of text communication without burying them in hundreds of texts that need to go out. 

4. Manageable Cost

For many non-profits, the cost is a huge factor for taking on any extra tools or services. You aren’t out to make a profit, so you work with what you have. The good news is that our mass texting service has a range of values for you to consider.

The price range can start with a simple $35 a month for tiny non-profits but rises up to $105 a month for larger organizations. The quality does not change, only the amount of output in texts you can do. 

Boosting Your Non-Profit and Its Message

A mass texting service provides a great number of benefits, wrapping up a lot of your communication woes in a nice package. 

If you’re convinced that a mass texting package is the best way forward for your non-profit, we here at Txtfyre are happy to help! We have a lot of options for budgets of any size. Contact us today for more information! 

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