karate boys training in sport hall, focus on left boy in yellow belt

A Story About A Business That Needs Txtfyre SMS Software

David’s Karate is a place where kids have fun and learn the fundamentals of karate. They have karate classes for all ages. The dojo is full of children mastering their skills every night.

David, the owner of David’s Karate, started his business as a coach himself, but now he is to busy to coach. There is a different coach for each age group and David finds himself very busy coaching his coaches instead of the students. Plus David is also trying to manage all the other aspects of his business.

One day one of David’s coaches isn’t able to make it to Karate practice. And David had no way of notifying the parents that there wasn’t a coach available to teach their kids. He tried calling them one by one, but none of them answered their phone. Wouldn’t it be amazing if he could some how send a message to each parent automatically.

In comes Txtfyre Automatic SMS Software. With Txtfyre David can send a text message to all the parents right from his cell phone. Boom!

It’s too bad that the students could not practice at the dojo tonight, but at least parents didn’t drive all the way to the dojo just to turn around and go home pissed off because David dropped the ball. Txtfyre Saves the Day!

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