Couple having dinner in a restaurant

How to Ask Restaurant Customers to Join Your SMS Marketing List

There comes a point when a business can no longer increase its customer base without augmenting or completely changing its marketing strategies. It is tempting to stick to low-key online methods that give people the freedom to opt into mailing lists and text alerts. However, online marketing has its limitations. It depends on people seeking out your brand on their own, after they have already left your restaurant. Sometimes, it’s worth taking a risk and plainly asking people to sign up for your SMS list while they are still enjoying their meals. This method might not work for a fancy restaurant, but for brs and casual eateries, it could be the difference between a middling method of promotion and a wildly successful project. Here is a foolproof way to convince your customers to sign up for your text alerts.

1. Mention the perks first, and if your customers are receptive, follow up with how they can access those perks. People are very savvy when it comes to marketing tactics, and the last thing anyone wants is more promotional emails clogging up his or her inbox. However, people are open to subscription promotions that deliver worthwhile deals and rewards. The trick is to make sure that your perks are things that people actually want. Make sure you promise not to send out alerts too frequently. Your customers will respond well to your assurances that you won’t overwhelm them.

2. After you have gotten your patrons’ attention, ask them if they own cell phones. Make sure they understand that all types of phones, not just smart phones, can receive SMS promotions.

3. Show them how to sign up. If appropriate in the moment, encourage them to sign up right then. Prove to them just how fast and easy the sign-up process is.

If you get this far in the conversation, you will have accomplished several things. You will have made a positive impression on your customers and put a real, human face on your restaurant or bar. Your customers will leave your establishment with the impression that have them in mind when making decisions about your business. Most importantly, you will have spoken to them in a way that moves them to tell their friends about your specials and encourage them to sign up as well.

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