man receiving text messages before going to bed

Text Messages Marketing is Very Different From Email Marketing

Text messages are not like emails.

Many people think that the same tactics used for email marketing will work for Text Message Marketing. However, there are many differences from emails and texts. For starters, emails are usually much longer than texts. They include newsletters, event calendars and much more information than should be in a text message.

Also, you can’t expect people that are receiving your emails to read them immediately. I don’t know about you, but I get way to many emails that are not important. And they are absolutely not time sensitive. I even have email notifications turned off on my phone. Texts, on the other hand, are read instantly. Ask yourself, when have you ever received a text that you didn’t read? The trick is to keep your texts sweet and simple. Then people will actually want to read them o.O

You’ll also want to give some thought to what would be the best time of the day for your subscribers to receive your texts. Unless you just want your subscribers to hate you, don’t send texts during times when people are usually asleep.

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