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Amazing New Features

Over the past 3 months we reworked every line of code and I’m happy to say that my team and I have developed a completely new application that has all the features of the original Txtfyre software and much more.

When I launched Txtfyre in January of this year, there was not a way to schedule text messages. This was a feature that almost every customer asked for. So in May we added an online interface that allowed Txtfyre clients to login and schedule texts messages.

I received a lot of positive feedback about the new feature, but the next thing people wanted was a way to see how many subscribers they had and even manually add subscribers. We also had people asking about multiple subscriber lists. For example the Neosho Chamber of Commerce needed a subscriber list for chamber members and another list for board members. These new feature requests required a complete over haul of the original Txtfyre software. It took 3 months, but we are finally finished developing the new Txtfyre.

Now Txtfyre clients can manage subscriber lists, add/remove subscribers, send individual texts directly to any subscriber, receive incoming texts from subscribers and much more from the new Txtfyre Control Panel.

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Watch this video for a quick overview of the new Txtfyre.

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Now You Can Schedule Text Messages

We just added a brand new feature to Txtfyre. Now you can schedule text messages to be sent automatically. Here is a quick video to show you how to use this new feature.

If you’re already using Txtfyre you can login and begin scheduling text messages right away. Just click “Client Login” at the bottom of this post.

Ready to use the top Group Texting App, Click here to learn how you can use for your business.