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Group Texting for Churches

Marketing is such a clinical, business-oriented concept that many people think it might not apply to something as organic as religion. Obvious, poorly orchestrated marketing would surely be a bad fit. However, a customized marketing plan absolutely has a place within the sphere of a church; flyers and email newsletters already fit nicely into this category. People have this notion that marketing is performed by nameless, faceless workers in cubicles. These anonymous marketers may not know or care much about whatever they are selling. While some marketing firms may operate this way, there are ways to use marketing techniques in ways that will actually reach your followers and resonate strongly with them.

At its core, marketing is all about communication. It is informing current and potential new clients of all of the products and services available. The most successful marketing techniques are able to convince people to incorporate a given brand into their lifestyles. You see this a lot with women who are heavily invested in beauty and fashion: they come to identify by their favorite makeup, perfume and clothing brands. They even refer to shopping as a religion. This is where marketing can find an easy entryway into something like church events. The members of your church already consider their religion a core component of who they are, so your goal will be to generate and maintain enthusiasm.

When developing your marketing plan, consider the role that religion plays in your everyday life. A group texting app could be used to send short daily messages of prayer in the mornings. You may decide to reach out with personal messages, such requests to pray for members who are ill, or open invitations to events like wedding or funeral receptions. A crucial function of group texting for organizations like churches is the ability to send out cancellation notices in a timely manner. Your followers will appreciate knowing ahead of time if choir practice was cancelled or moved to a different day. Email notifications do not always suffice in instances like these, as working adults have inconsistent access to the Internet before they get home. Text messages through a group texting app guarantees that everyone sees the alert in time.

Try to limit yourself to one message per day if possible. If you decide to send daily prayers, include other news bits in the message as well, or provide link to a web document with more detailed updates. Collect phone numbers by posting sign-up sheets before services. It is important that people feel they are volunteering to sign up rather than being pressured into it.

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Fine Tuning Your SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS marketing is still in its infancy, which means that you can try new things without worrying about breaking rules; there are no rules yet. Generating your list of phone numbers is going to be the hardest part initially. You may have to hold special events or promotions just to draw people to your storefront, after which you can persuade them to sign up.

This is more than an chance to beef up your mailing list, by the way. It’s an opportunity to get a feel for how a multi-pronged marketing campaign should fit together. The initial goal of the event might be to collect information, but you should plan and put on your event as if there was never any other agenda. Give away free products or offer a considerable discount. Make people excited to sign up for your SMS list by demonstrating why your product or service is so crucial.

Figure out a communication style that works for your business. It is often perfectly fine to phrase your messages as obvious advertisements, especially if you are announcing a sale or a special promotion. Other times, it is necessary to approach SMS communication as a real conversation between yourself and your customer base. No matter what style works best, there are some calls to action that are guaranteed to generate interest.

When you offer discounts to people who show the announcement text at the register, you are encouraging people to sign up for your text list and watch out for your messages. Including a coupon code for your website in the message will give you clear statistics on the efficacy of your campaign. Encourage your customers to respond to your texts. It is always beneficial when a business becomes an everyday component of people’s lifestyles. Keep the conversation going and people will naturally start to prefer you over your competitors.

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Why SMS Marketing is Valuable

Text messaging is the last frontier of viral marketing. It’s naturally the next step in the digital marketing game, yet it also feels somewhat quaint. Texting presents a lot of limitations that marketers do not want to work around. This is good news for you, since it means that your business won’t have much competition when it comes to its SMS marketing.

By necessity, SMS alerts have to be short, simple and succinct. They cannot include the images that populate emails, nor can they include hash tags. Keep in mind that text blasts must be compatible with every type of mobile phone, not just new ones with web access and image displays. There are no community elements, such as commenting or sharing, with SMS marketing. The success of a campaign depends solely on whether it resulted in an increase in sales.

Launching a texting campaign will force you to go back to basics and think about what you’re really selling and how you want to speak to your customers, old and new. This is a good thing! The pictures and verbiage in emails and social media posts are crucial in their own ways, but by the same token, your customers probably already have certain feelings about marketing emails. SMS marketing is likely new to many of them. Don’t be deterred by the fact that your SMS blasts won’t look as pretty as your emails do. Your texts will be reaching people directly, via the one communication avenue they check more than their email.

The key to running a successful SMS campaign is offering tangible rewards. The benefit of the images in other forms of marketing is that they remind people that the brand exists even if there isn’t anything new to promote. Text marketing necessitates that special promotions be created. Think of SMS alerts as the ultimate calls to action. You are contacting people directly and inviting them to visit your business. Include special discount codes in your texts, or offer free products for people who show their text messages in your stores. You could even introduce a routine, perhaps texting new specials once a week.

Once you develop a plan for special promotions and work out a proper schedule for SMS blasts, you can start asking people to join your text list through your social media outlets and website.

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How to Ask Restaurant Customers to Join Your SMS Marketing List

There comes a point when a business can no longer increase its customer base without augmenting or completely changing its marketing strategies. It is tempting to stick to low-key online methods that give people the freedom to opt into mailing lists and text alerts. However, online marketing has its limitations. It depends on people seeking out your brand on their own, after they have already left your restaurant. Sometimes, it’s worth taking a risk and plainly asking people to sign up for your SMS list while they are still enjoying their meals. This method might not work for a fancy restaurant, but for brs and casual eateries, it could be the difference between a middling method of promotion and a wildly successful project. Here is a foolproof way to convince your customers to sign up for your text alerts.

1. Mention the perks first, and if your customers are receptive, follow up with how they can access those perks. People are very savvy when it comes to marketing tactics, and the last thing anyone wants is more promotional emails clogging up his or her inbox. However, people are open to subscription promotions that deliver worthwhile deals and rewards. The trick is to make sure that your perks are things that people actually want. Make sure you promise not to send out alerts too frequently. Your customers will respond well to your assurances that you won’t overwhelm them.

2. After you have gotten your patrons’ attention, ask them if they own cell phones. Make sure they understand that all types of phones, not just smart phones, can receive SMS promotions.

3. Show them how to sign up. If appropriate in the moment, encourage them to sign up right then. Prove to them just how fast and easy the sign-up process is.

If you get this far in the conversation, you will have accomplished several things. You will have made a positive impression on your customers and put a real, human face on your restaurant or bar. Your customers will leave your establishment with the impression that have them in mind when making decisions about your business. Most importantly, you will have spoken to them in a way that moves them to tell their friends about your specials and encourage them to sign up as well.

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Text Messages Marketing is Very Different From Email Marketing

Text messages are not like emails.

Many people think that the same tactics used for email marketing will work for Text Message Marketing. However, there are many differences from emails and texts. For starters, emails are usually much longer than texts. They include newsletters, event calendars and much more information than should be in a text message.

Also, you can’t expect people that are receiving your emails to read them immediately. I don’t know about you, but I get way to many emails that are not important. And they are absolutely not time sensitive. I even have email notifications turned off on my phone. Texts, on the other hand, are read instantly. Ask yourself, when have you ever received a text that you didn’t read? The trick is to keep your texts sweet and simple. Then people will actually want to read them o.O

You’ll also want to give some thought to what would be the best time of the day for your subscribers to receive your texts. Unless you just want your subscribers to hate you, don’t send texts during times when people are usually asleep.

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A Story About A Business That Needs Txtfyre SMS Software

David’s Karate is a place where kids have fun and learn the fundamentals of karate. They have karate classes for all ages. The dojo is full of children mastering their skills every night.

David, the owner of David’s Karate, started his business as a coach himself, but now he is to busy to coach. There is a different coach for each age group and David finds himself very busy coaching his coaches instead of the students. Plus David is also trying to manage all the other aspects of his business.

One day one of David’s coaches isn’t able to make it to Karate practice. And David had no way of notifying the parents that there wasn’t a coach available to teach their kids. He tried calling them one by one, but none of them answered their phone. Wouldn’t it be amazing if he could some how send a message to each parent automatically.

In comes Txtfyre Automatic SMS Software. With Txtfyre David can send a text message to all the parents right from his cell phone. Boom!

It’s too bad that the students could not practice at the dojo tonight, but at least parents didn’t drive all the way to the dojo just to turn around and go home pissed off because David dropped the ball. Txtfyre Saves the Day!

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Amazing New Features

Over the past 3 months we reworked every line of code and I’m happy to say that my team and I have developed a completely new application that has all the features of the original Txtfyre software and much more.

When I launched Txtfyre in January of this year, there was not a way to schedule text messages. This was a feature that almost every customer asked for. So in May we added an online interface that allowed Txtfyre clients to login and schedule texts messages.

I received a lot of positive feedback about the new feature, but the next thing people wanted was a way to see how many subscribers they had and even manually add subscribers. We also had people asking about multiple subscriber lists. For example the Neosho Chamber of Commerce needed a subscriber list for chamber members and another list for board members. These new feature requests required a complete over haul of the original Txtfyre software. It took 3 months, but we are finally finished developing the new Txtfyre.

Now Txtfyre clients can manage subscriber lists, add/remove subscribers, send individual texts directly to any subscriber, receive incoming texts from subscribers and much more from the new Txtfyre Control Panel.

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Watch this video for a quick overview of the new Txtfyre.

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5 Reasons Why Facebook Is Dead

Have you deleted your Facebook page yet? I recently read this post on KissMetrics all about how Businesses are now deleting their Facebook pages. I’ve also had clients tell me that they aren’t using Facebook anymore and have deleted their Facebook pages as well. This is a huge change from just a few years back, which is why I decided to outline the very reasons why Facebook is dead.

1. Facebook posts are boring and too long.
Mashable recently reported that the character limit for a Facebook post is 63,206 characters. That’s a little long compared to Twitter’s 140-character limit. People don’t have time to read massive, boring Facebook posts. Which brings me to my next point…

2. My parents are on Facebook.
I wish people, mainly my parents, would stop finding old pictures of me and putting them on Facebook. I don’t know about you, but this seems to happen to me a lot. I think I should be able to approve every picture of myself that someone else posts to Facebook. I’m just kidding of course.

3. Facebook makes you use your real name.
“On Facebook people connect using their real names and identities,” is Facebook’s stance on the matter. Read this post on The Guardian where it was reported that Facebook requires users whose names are reported to be “fake” to submit legal identification to prove they are who they say they are. Fortunately, Instagram still lets us use fake names, even though it’s owned by Facebook. Thank goodness…

4. I have way too many friends on Facebook.
I don’t know about you, but I honestly don’t know half of the people who are my friends on Facebook. I’m too lazy to go through all of my friends and delete the ones I don’t know. I also don’t want to cause drama or offend anyone by unfriending them. Is unfriending a word now?

5. I don’t trust Facebook.
This year, Facebook revealed its secret study of 689,000 users who did not give their consent. Facebook used the information it collected to create an “emotional contagion.” And according to The Huffington Post, this information was used to manipulate a person’s emotions through Facebook. Is that even legal?

Of course there are many more reasons why Facebook is dead, but I digress. Instead let’s talk about an alternative.Txtfyre.com is a perfect alternative to any social network. People can subscribe right from their own mobile phones. They don’t have to have a computer, the Internet or even a smart phone. They just text a keyword and they are automatically subscribed to your company’s list. You can then send them updates with text messages. Stop trying to play the marketing game on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Don’t give them control anymore. Instead, make your own network of loyal customers and grow your business with Txtfyre.com

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Now You Can Schedule Text Messages

We just added a brand new feature to Txtfyre. Now you can schedule text messages to be sent automatically. Here is a quick video to show you how to use this new feature.

If you’re already using Txtfyre you can login and begin scheduling text messages right away. Just click “Client Login” at the bottom of this post.

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