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Fine Tuning Your SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS marketing is still in its infancy, which means that you can try new things without worrying about breaking rules; there are no rules yet. Generating your list of phone numbers is going to be the hardest part initially. You may have to hold special events or promotions just to draw people to your storefront, after which you can persuade them to sign up.

This is more than an chance to beef up your mailing list, by the way. It’s an opportunity to get a feel for how a multi-pronged marketing campaign should fit together. The initial goal of the event might be to collect information, but you should plan and put on your event as if there was never any other agenda. Give away free products or offer a considerable discount. Make people excited to sign up for your SMS list by demonstrating why your product or service is so crucial.

Figure out a communication style that works for your business. It is often perfectly fine to phrase your messages as obvious advertisements, especially if you are announcing a sale or a special promotion. Other times, it is necessary to approach SMS communication as a real conversation between yourself and your customer base. No matter what style works best, there are some calls to action that are guaranteed to generate interest.

When you offer discounts to people who show the announcement text at the register, you are encouraging people to sign up for your text list and watch out for your messages. Including a coupon code for your website in the message will give you clear statistics on the efficacy of your campaign. Encourage your customers to respond to your texts. It is always beneficial when a business becomes an everyday component of people’s lifestyles. Keep the conversation going and people will naturally start to prefer you over your competitors.

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